Nardelli: Chrysler to remain privately owned 3 years from now

Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli said that he expects the company to still be privately owned three years from now and said that Cerberus was not second guessing their acquisition at all. Speaking at a Wall Street Journal Conference in New York City, Nardelli said that Chrysler benefits from being privately owned rather than a public company.

When asked what the final game plan is for Chrysler, Nardelli said that that remains up to the owners and killed speculation that he has a role in such a diesel.

“Strategic alternatives down the road is Cerberus” deal,” said Nardelli. “That keeps me focused on running the company.”

Nardelli said that the company is in good shape and the it’s liquidity position was strong at the end of April. He said that Chrysler ender last year with $9 billion in cash.

Source: Free Press