Ford to revisit the Capri, will be based on Mondeo

As a part of Ford”s global-model strategy, Ford of Europe will be responsible for most of the design and engineering. Why? Well that”s really the only FoMoCo division that is profiting and has the capabilities to produce models of such caliber.

Along with working on the next-generation Ford Mondeo, which we are expected to see re-badged as a Ford Taurus in the U.S., Ford of Europe is also working on a small sport coupe in attempt to revisit the Ford Capri.

The Ford Capri was design and built in Europe back in the day and was sold in North America from 1970 to 1977 through Ford”s Lincoln/Mercury dealerships. However, the Ford Capri carried no brand badging when it was sold in the U.S.; it simply carried the Capri badge. However, later the car became known as the “˜Mercury Capri.”

The Iosis concept, which was a two-door-concept that heavily influenced the new Ford Mondeo, is expected to be the bases of the small sport coupe. The production model will use the mechanicals of the Mondeo with 2+2 design. Insiders say that the car will be less than 2,600 pounds and will be front-wheel-drive. Power is expected come from a 4-cylinder turbocharged with output ranging from 150 to 200 horsepower for the RS version.

A concept is expect in 2009, however, Ford will debut the concept in convertible form to confuse the competition. If received favorably, the concept could hit production in 2012.


Source: Automobile (June 2008 issue)