Ford to retool North American truck plants to build cars

Joining Toyota and Nissan, FoMoCo will shift production from truck to cars at some of its plants. However, Ford is taking it a step further by not only shifting production at one plant like the two Japanese automakers. In what could be the most significant manufacturing transformations in Detroit’s history, Ford would retool its North American plants to produce cars (mainly compact ones) the company builds in Europe.

According to sources familiar with the matter, plant managers and local union leaders have been called into Ford’s Dearborn headquarters this coming Friday. They will discuss the challenges FoMoCo faces as the price of gasoline increases and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Ford will also conduct a review of its North American pipeline hoping to accelerate the launch of new and fuel-efficient cars.

Details of the plans are expected to be released in July. Some expected changes are the converting of Ford’s Avon Lake, Ohio plant, moving production of the older E-Series van to the fuel-efficient Transit and manufacturing realignment for the next few years.


Source: Detroit News