Toyota denies Tacoma sudden speed change glitches

Toyota is denying claims from 431 customers around the country that complained that their Toyota Tacoma experiences ‘unintended or sudden acceleration.’ 51 crashes and 12 injuries have resulted due to the problem but Toyota is saying that many of the reports filed were “inspired by publicity.”

The NHTSA is still debating whether to go into further investigation of the problem which was launched in February and included about 775,000 Tacoma pickups sold between 2004 and 2008.

If problems are found from further official investigation, Toyota could be forced to recall the pickup. Toyota is saying that most of the claims it received that dealt with engine speed changes have resulted in no defects or minor speed changes that have no relation to safety. The company also said that ‘extensive media coverage’ on the matted could explain why no other Tacoma that it had tested had similar issues.

In other Tacoma news that was reported last month, Toyota is offering to buy back over 800,000 Tacomas built between 1996 and 2000 with rusted frames that are beyond repair. Maybe its time to put in some hard work on the production version of the A-BAT concept.

Source: Free Press