GM doubles incentives for trucks and SUVs

In effort to move large trucks and SUVs out of the dealers, GM has doubled cash incentives that will reach as high has $6,000 on some models. The automakers said that it will give as much as $4,000 for owners of GM vehicles going back to 1999.

The not so well received Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid and the GMC Yukon Hybrid will also be included in the incentives an will receive a max of $4,000 cash back. The Chevrolet Suburban and the Cadillac Escalade will see $6,000 in incentives, including the $4,000 owner loyalty incentive and an additional $2,000 loyalty bonus cash incentives.

“The whole thing”s a hybrid play,” GM spokesman John McDonald said. “What we”re trying to do is raise the awareness level of these hybrids with our loyalty customers.”

It seems like GM will do basically anything to sell these hybrid SUVs.

Incentives for models by brand:

Tahoe (nonhybrid) or Suburban: $6,000.
Tahoe (hybrid): $4,000.
Silverado or Avalanche: $5,000.

Yukon: $6,000.
Yukon (hybrid): $4,000.
Sierra: $5,000.

Escalade: $6,000.


Source: AutoWeek