Toyota’s FCHV-adv fuel-cell hybrid now gets 516 miles

Toyota today announced that it has developed a new fuel-cell hybrid system, which is powered by hydrogen and electricity, that allows its FCHV-adv model to travel a range of 516 miles. That’s more than twice the distance than its predecessor model that had a range of 205 miles.

The Toyota FCHV-adv model has already received government approval and will be available for leasing in Japan later in 2008. Toyota spokesman said that pricing and other details for overseas plans were still undecided.

An improvement of 25 percent was made for the FCHV-adv with better braking and other changes that also allow the vehicle to start and run at temperatures lower than negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Getting fuel-cell to work smoothly in frigid weather is a huge technological pain in the arse.

What now Honda and GM? Bring it!


Source: Detroit News