Lutz drives the Chevrolet Volt prototype, calls it ‘electrifying’

The Chevrolet Volt has been approved by the GM board for production but don’t run to the dealerships just yet. Bob Lutz, GM’s Vice Chairman, recently drove the Chevrolet Volt prototype at GM’s Milford Proving Ground that was fitted with a 16-kwh lithium-ion battery pack and GM’s E-Flex System

“I have to say ““ pun half-intended ““ it was electrifying,” said Lutz about the experience writing over at GM’s FastLane Blog.

Speaking to those considering purchasing the Volt, Lutz says “don”t run to the Chevy dealer and order your Volt yet: The “test mule” I drove ““ a previous-generation Malibu ““ wasn”t calibrated properly, and there are an awful lot of tests that this battery must pass before it”s cleared for production.”

Lutz said that it has been six months since engineers received the battery and began testing it under a controlled lab environment. “Still, the conditions in a real-world environment ““ where the battery is exposed to shaking, moisture and rapidly changing temperature conditions ““ are much more extreme than the controlled settings of the lab,” said Lutz.

GM hopes to have the Volt ready to go by November 10th.


Source: GM’s FastLane Blog