Range Rover Stomer concept replica goes for $450,000

Usually when a concept reaches production, all the aggressive and sleek styling has been taken out to meet production standards. So what does one do when their favorite automaker doesn’t deliver what they originally showed? They build it.

This two-door Range Rover Sport you see here is heavily influenced by the Range Rover Stormer concept that originally debuted at the 2004 NAIAS. The Range Rover Stormer would later become the production version of the Range Rover Sport you see today but with 4-doors and a little bit toned down.

There is no info on what model of the Range Rover Sport was converted back to its concept form, but with a price tag of close to $450,000, we’re hoping it’s the V8 Supercharged with 390-hp. And where else can you purchase such a car other than the land of $14.3 million license plates; Dubai.

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Range Rover Stormer:




Source: AutoTrader UAE (via Jalopnik)