Lincoln’s drop in initial quality being blamed on ‘innovative technology’

Lincoln was probably the most talked about brand of 2007’s J.D. Power Associates Initial Quality Survey, but this year the it dropped 11 spots from number 3 to number 14.

According to Free Press and their discussion with Ford, it’s not the design or mechanical defects that hurt Lincoln – supposedly customers rated the brand a bit harshly for not knowing how to work the new innovative technology.’

Ford’s new Sync technology came standard on all Lincoln MKZ and MKX models during the study period. However, Lincoln’s Navigator didn’t and happened to be the only Lincoln vehicle to win a segment award in its J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Survey.

Lincoln says its customer’s average 62-years old and may have had some difficulty in adjusting to the Synch system, resulting in harsh ratings for the brand.

Hmm, interesting – we thought Sync was supposed to be simple and easy, or at least that’s what Ford makes it seem like.

Source: Free Press