Lewis Hamilton’s dad crashes his Porsche Carrera GT

While his son is out winning the Monaco Gran Prix and other F1 races around the world, Anthony Hamilton, father of Lewis Hamilton, is crashing his high-end supercars. Anthony Hamilton recently crashed his Porsche Carrera GT (ouch it hurts just saying it) into a children’s playground 200 meters from his house.

Onlookers said that after crashing, a disappointed Anthony Hamilton tried to reverse the Porsche back onto the road “but succeeded only in raising dirt and his blood pressure.”

“He was really trying to get it out of there,” a witness said. “In the end his wife walked back to the house and picked him up in another car. She came back a couple of times but we never saw him again. He was really embarrassed.”

No one was injured during the incident, however police were called to mange traffic disruption at the site of of the crash.


Source: TimesOnline