GM faces protest by CAW at Canadian headquarters

Protests and angry workers were inevitable for GM after it announced the closing of four SUV and pickup plants. GM faced a huge protest at its Canadian headquarters yesterday from workers of its Oshawa, Ontario truck plant, forcing most of 1,000 GM employees to work from home.

Canadian Auto Workers President Buzz Hargrove has promised to fight GM’s decision to close the Oshawa truck plant and said that CAW and GM last month reached a labor agreement in which the plant was to stay open for three-years. Yes Buzz, we’ve got news for you; GM makes a lot of promises they can’t keep.

“It’s illegal,” Hargrove said. “It’s a complete violation of the recent collective bargaining agreement.”

GM made no move to stop the CAW protest which drew about more than 100 workers waving signs and chanting.

“We understand the point of view with the union and why they feel the need to protest,” GM spokesman Stew Low said.

Wait until the workers read our Wagoner’s huge salary and bonuses post.


Source: Detroit News