Top 20 selling vehicles in the U.S. through May 2008

Don’t worry Ford – overall you’re still number one with the F-Series. Okay let’s get all this straight. Honda took the number one spot with the Civic in May 2008 with 53,299 while the Toyota Corolla and Camry followed with 52,826 and 51,291 respectively. The Ford F-Series came in behind the Honda Accord, which sold 49,098 units, selling a total 42,973 units and losing its number one spot for the first time since 1991.

Reuters has just released its list of Top 20 selling vehicles in the U.S. up until May 2008 and the Ford F-Series still leads the 2008 year with a total of 235,924 units, down 54,358 units from 2007. Toyota’s Camry holds the number 2 spot with a total of 198,309 units sold, up from 193,900 from the same period last year.

But the rest of 2008 may write a different story for the F-Series as the Camry lags behind by just 37,615 units. And with everyone moving towards smaller and more fuel-efficient cars, the outlook is not good.

Chevy’s Silverado clinches onto number 3 with 197,030. However sales are down 26 percent, a drastic drop from 265,941 in 2007.

Honda’s Accord is at number 4 with 166,158 units sold, followed by the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla with 164,994 and 152,308 respectively.


Source: Reuters