Spy Shots: Audi R8 V10 on its way to Nurburgring… again

Audi’s recently leaked product launch document confirmed the Audi R8 convertible and a V10 engine for both the coupe and the convertible. The R8 V10 was recently caught at the Nurburgring with full LED headlamps, that were just announced last week, showing that the car is closer to production more than ever before. It even sports a sexy chrome ‘S-like’ grille and oval exhaust tips.

This isn’t the first time the R8 with a V10 under the hood has hit up the Nurburgring. In fact Audi has been testing the car since March of 2007. The R8 V10 prototype later caught fire and burned to crisps after which Audi returned to the Nurburgring in October.

Rumor has it that power is to come from a 5.0L V10 TFSI engine found in the R6 Avant. However, the recent Audi product launch document that was leaked on the web says that the R8 V10 will see a 5.2 liter unit producing 518-hp. Only time will tell.

Audi R8 V10 on its way to Nurburgring:



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Source: RS6.com