Ford Flex rolls of the line, high-quality ensured with engineering checks

With all the hype surrounding the new 2009 Ford Flex, we’re really looking to see how the new Ford crossover does when it hits dealerships later this summer. Ford today announced that production is underway of the new Flex at its Oakville Assembly Complex.

The plant added 500 jobs to keep up with demand for the already hot-selling Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge. The 2009 Ford Flex is the first Ford vehicles to be fully developed under the Global Product Development System and is also the first Ford vehicle to utilize digital design and manufacturing technology to ensure high-quality at every stage of the crossover’s development.

Ford will be running thousands of engineering checks in the vehicle’s digital pre-assembly phase which will in result reduce potential manufacturing glitches.

The 2009 Ford Flex is expected to carry a base price of $30,000 with the most expensive model with all-wheel-drive priced at $37,255 before options.

2009 Ford Flex:

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