eGMCarTech partners with Yahoo! Buzz

You’re probably wondering what this new Buzz Up! feature is on eGMCarTech (and if you’re not, then start wondering). We have teamed up with Yahoo! Buzz to allow you to share your favorite stories from eGMCarTech with the rest of the world.

It’s very simple. If you find something interesting and want to spread the news, simply click the Buzz Up! button associated with that post (of course you’ll need a Yahoo ID for your vote to count). That post then makes its way to the top-rated stories at Yahoo! Buzz and is shared with millions of people across Yahoo!. Instead of boring editors telling you what you should read, you pick the stories that you want to be at the top.

So go ahead click away on anything you find interesting and spread the word about eGMCarTech. We thank you for all your support and loyalty as we bring you the latest automotive news from around the world.