Alfa Romeo Mi.To convertible due within 18 months

Many car enthusiasts are excited about Alfa Romeo’s return to the stateside. And besides the 8C Competitzione, many are hoping Alfa decides to offer the U.S. its new MINI rival, the Alfa Romeo Mi.To; not to mention it already complies with U.S. safety and emissions standards.

According to AutoExpress, Alfa Romeo is already working on a soft-top convertible version of the Mi.To which could go on sale within the next 18 months. Details regarding the convertible Mi.To are scarce but minor revisions to the chassis will be made to ensure handling and safety requirements.

Expect the convertible Mi.To to get the same engine lineup as the hatchback with a choice of 4 engines, all turbo, that range from 90hp up to 155hp. Alfa will provide more information on the Mi.To next month.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To:


       Alfa Mi.To  Alfa Mi.To  Alfa Mi.To  


Source: AutoExpress