Ford F-Series outsold by Toyota’s Camry and Corolla in May

Industry analysts have been expected the Toyota Camry to outsell the Ford F-Series and today, after preliminary sales figures were released by automakers, the Camry and the Toyota Corolla have both outsold the F-Series in the month of May.

FoMoCo sold 42,973 units of the F-Series truck in May, while Toyota sold 51,291 Camrys and 52,826 Corollas. Meaning the Toyota Corolla ended up outselling the F-Series biggest competitor in May. Now that definitely shows consumer’s buying behavior shifting to compact cars.

The last time any car outsold the F Series was in October 1991. Jim Farley, Ford group vice president for marketing and communications, said that the loss to two Toyota cars was a “significant development.”

“But it”s not surprising, given the fuel price,” Farley said.

While Camry sales were flat Toyota said Corolla’s sales rose 12.4 percent in May after being down 9.5 percent in first five months of 2008.


Source: AutoWeek