Chevrolet Volt takes giant leap forward, design is finalized

The Chevrolet Volt is taking a huge step towards becoming a reality. At GM’s annual meeting today, CEO Rick Wagoner told shareholders that the board has apporved mass production of the Volt. Right – like they had a choice after all the cash they threw into the project. If we were at that board meeting we would’ve voted ‘No’ just to mess with the Volt production team.

Any-who, GM is targeting annual production at 100,000 units a year after 2010. GM said that it is planning to assemble the Volt at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center.

Spokesman Tom Wilkinson told InsideLine that the exterior and interior design of the Volt have been finalized. Wilkinson also touched on the pricing issue saying: “We want it to be a volume vehicle, not like the Tesla [Roadster]. We want it to be priced like a real car, not just one driven by guys in Silicon Valley.”


Source: InsideLine