Audi not worried about high gas-prices, no plans to change U.S. lineup

Even though gas and diesel prices have doubled in the past few years, Audi feels that it is still well-positioned to take on the recent gas-price increase and has no plans to change its U.S. product lineup.

De Nysschen said that the luxury segment hasn’t been victim to the dramatic shift in customer’s buying behavior. “If the current fuel price environment continues to stay this way — and all indications are that even if it improves, it won’t improve by much — we could begin to see shifts in buying behaviors in the U.S.,” said de Nysschen in an interview with Automotive News.

He said that the Audi A3 could gain some momentum in the U.S. as consumers shift to a more fuel-efficient car market. As for the Audi Q5 headed to the stateside next year, de Nysschen feels the small SUV couldn’t come at a better time as demand is growing for compact SUVs.

Even with diesel prices reaching $5 per gallon, Audi will still bring a TDI diesel Q7 to the U.S. next year. De Nysschen said that Audi is pretty positive about the future of diesels in the U.S. since they provide 30 percent better fuel-economy than gasoline engines. The A4 is also expected to get a TDI variant in the U.S.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)