Porsche’s CEO: CAFE regulations won’t change vehicles or characteristics

Following Lamborghini and it’s CEO’s statement that the Italian automaker will never reach CO2 regulations, Porsche Cars North America CEO is saying that fuel-economy standards in the U.S. won’t change the company’s vehicles range or characteristics.

“We will make our cars more fuel efficient, but we will not change our nature,” said Detlev von Platen. “Our customers expect a certain characteristic to our cars.”

Unlike every other automaker right now, Porsche has no plans to produces small vehicles with smaller engines or even to introduce diesel engines said von Platen. Porsche is considering a diesel Cayenne but don’t ever expect it to find its way to the stateside.

“We thought about diesel, but it does not make sense, especially since the United States is 39 percent of Porsche’s market, and we do not see any potential for it,” von Platen.

The only ‘greeness’ Porsche has planned for the U.S. is a hybrid Cayenne SUV for 2010 and a hybrid variant of the Porsche Panamera that will debut next year.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)