Mitsubishi Outlander to get Evo X’s Twin Clutch SST transmission

Mitsubishi Outlander to get Evo X's Twin Clutch SST transmission

Mitsubishi has fitted the new Outlander with the option of its high-speed semi-automatic gearshift system found in the Lancer Evo X. Early next year, the Twin Clutch SST will find its way into the Mitsubishi Outlander with steering wheel-mounted paddleshifts.

Mitsubishi will expand the use of the system offering it in a 2.2 liter diesel powered Outlander. Benefits of the Twin Clutch SST include almost no power loss during shifting, better fuel consumption and lower emissions than your traditional automatic transmission.

Mitsubishi will display the 2.2 Di-D Twin Clutch SST at the Paris Motor Show in October. Prices will be announced closer to launch in early 2009.


Source: WhatCar

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