Leno rejects NBC’s offer to host Top Gear, thinks Americans will ruin it

Leno rejects NBC's offer to host Top Gear, thinks Americans will ruin it

Like everyone that probably reads this site, Jay Leno is a huge fan of Top Gear. While we don’t get it here on the U.S. on a weekly basis, it pops up here and there on BBC America and some other channels. We all know that NBC has bought the TV show to do an American spin off without Clarkson and the gang (which will be a total failure like the Knight Rider movie if you ask us). The network has considered everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Adam Carolla.

And now NBC is after Jay Leno. Leno got a call from NBC the other day that went a little something like this:

NBC guy says: You like cars, right?
Leno says: yes.
NBC guy says: Like, all kinds of cars?
Leno says: Well, yes. I like all kinds of cars. Why?
NBC guy says: Well, the network has bought the TV show …um…High Gear?
Leno says: Top Gear?
NBC Guy says: Top Gear! Top Gear, yes.

Imagining Jeremy Clarkson ridiculing Americans for what they did to his show, Leno quickly rejects the offer and tells the NBC guy that he’d rather not make his hobby a job.

Unless Clarkson, Hammond and May agree to do an American version, possibilties of which are zero to none, we highly doubt that Top Gear will be successful in America.

Good job Leno; we respect your decision. Check out Jay’s article over TimesOnline.


Source: TimesOnline

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