Poll: Alfa Romeo’s coming back to the US! But do you really care?

Poll: Alfa Romeo's coming back to the US! But do you really care?

Alfa Romeo was never a huge commercial name. Ford tried to change that in 1986, but was overpowered by Fiat at the last-minute. Then in 1995, Alfa Romeo ceased exporting cars to the U.S. with the last model to be sold being the 164. Now the Italian automaker is headed back to the U.S. and while many enthusiasts are excited to see what Alfa has in store, we (after reading an article over at AutoObserver) are wondering if the majority of Americans really care.

Granted the 8C Competizione is one sexy looking beast, but with a production run of just 500 units (each for the coupe and convertible) and only about 100 making their way to the U.S., how much can the 8C actually do for Alfa image wise. Being sold via Maserati dealerships, Alfa will initially launch in the U.S. with the 159, Brera and the Brera Spider.

As AutoObserver says, the ‘grand old marquee is well past its prime.’ However, the cars still look wonderful and with the name being a legend, Alfa may have some hope in the U.S. One thing is for sure – you guys better bring the Mi.To to the U.S. or you can just Fugettaboutit.

Anyway, let us know how you feel about Alfa’s return to the U.S. by voting after the jump.

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Alfa Mi.To Gallery:

Alfa Mi.To  Alfa Mi.To  Alfa Mi.To  


Alfa 8C Spider Gallery:

Alfa 8C Spider Alfa 8C Spider Alfa 8C Spider  


Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Gallery:


Idea from: AutoObserver