Is Ford’s turnaround edging ahead of GM’s?

Six month ago you would ignore an article with a title like this one. There is no doubt that GM’s design and engineering operations are standing out from the crowd on a global basis, not to mention the Chevrolet Malibu and the new Cadillac CTS have done wonders for the company.

On other side of town, Ford is trying to do the same – the only problem is FoMoCo started its turnaround plans much later and still hasn’t produced anything close the Malibu or the CTS. According to John McElroy writing over at, while GM is at least one design cycle ahead of Ford, he believes Ford has edged ahead of GM.

McElroy points out that Ford’s revenue grew by an outstanding $14 billion last month, where as GM, income actually dropped. Total revenue wise Ford sits at $174 billion, just behind GM’s $181 billion. McElroy believes that one more repeat of Ford’s financial track of last year could allow Ford to be bigger than GM on a revenue basis.

Looking outside of North America, Ford last year earned nearly $1 billion in Europe, another billion in South America and finally turned profit in Asia/Pacific. The cherry on top comes from Mazda, who is also performing well, giving Ford a good part of its earnings.

McElroy doesn’t forget to point out that GM”s design and products are more attractive than FoMoCo’s and that GM is definitely steps ahead of Ford in terms of product technology.


Source: WardsAutos

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