HUMMER’s first production E85 will be the 2009 H2 and H2 SUT

HUMMER's first production E85 will be the 2009 H2 and H2 SUT

Trying to portray a ‘built to do a job’ truck to an environmentally big truck, HUMMER is doing everything it can to get rid of its gas-guzzling image. According to a HUMMER spokesman, HUMMER’s first production E85 models will be the 2009 H2 pickup and H2 SUT. The announcement was made during the opening of the Dallas area dealership’s E85 station. HUMMER said that it is committed to offering biofuel capability on all its vehicles by 2010.

Spending more than $500,000, Classic Chevrolet-HUMMER dealership in Grapevine, Texas, installed nine pumps dedicated to E85, E10 and biodiesel.

“There’s no telling where this might lead,” said Larry Burns, GM vice president of R&D and strategic planning. “Down the road we may even want to consider hydrogen dispensers at dealerships.”

GM plans to offer more than 15 FlexFuel models for the 2009 model year.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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