Audi R8 Covertible coming next year

Audi R8 Covertible coming next year

The R8 was already a brilliant looking piece inside and out. Well the R8 is about to spawn a drop dead gorgeous drop top version. So there may end up being too different gas engines [V8 & V10] plus a V12 diesel and now a roadster R8 will join the lineup next year.

Naturally, when you’re going toe-to-toe with a Porsche 911, the king of variants, you need to have a vast lineup of choices to keep your darling on the tips of the tongues around the country club. A couple of speedster-esque peaks rolling back from behind the cockpit and a flowing cut on the side blade reveal the stylistic direction of the roadster.

There’s talk of it being a targa with panels that are removed rather than a straight up convertible with a fabric top or metal folding hardtop due to packaging with the engine. Either way, sounds good to us.


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