Tuners take shot at the Nissan GT-R before it comes to U.S.

Tuners take shot at the Nissan GT-R before it comes to U.S.

We were under the impression the GT-R would be a tough car to tune, but some popular big name tuners see it differently. Already such big names as Top Secret, HKS, Mines & Arios have some parts ready for the GT-R. This despite one little fact: the GT-R isn’t even on our shores yet.

No doubt, the fact that Japan’s J-spec R35 GT-R is already on the roads [assuming no more geniuses crash them] and all global GT-Rs will not differ much helps this effort. Specifications and details aren’t readily available yet, but they’re coming. Everything from rims to top speed governor removals to spicy aero body pieces will be available. 

So if you manage to get a GT-R and don’t end up spending an extra $60,000 on dealer markup, you sure won’t have a shortage of places to spend that sixty-grand on super parts to make this supercar more… uhh, super. Might want to be a little gentle on your neighbor with the 911 Turbo.


Source: InsideLine

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