Caparo working on its own road-legal cars

Caparo working on its own road-legal cars

Suppliers for the Tata Nano body, Caparo, is planning on using the profits it earned from selling 20 of its T1 track cars to develop two new and very different vehicles. Caparo is working on a pair of concepts that could hit the roads very soon.

The first is a limited edition high-performance road-legal car based on the T1 race car. The second will be a small, ultra-light mini car based on the skills its gaining from supplying the body parts to the $2,800 Nano. “Because we handle body structures here and in India, made from steel and aluminum, we understand the dynamics and will be able to apply composites knowledge,” said Caparo chief executive Angad Paul.

According to Paul, the £4 million raised from 20 T1 sales is more than enough to develop the two cars. “Demand for T1 is there. We intend to price the car in a way that will reflect the fact that only a small number will ever be built.”

Caparo is also helping built Connaught”s new 300-hp Type-D GT.


Source: AutoCar