Avro 720 Mirage Ford GT – only 10 will be made

Avro 720 Mirage Ford GT

While the Ford GT may be on its way to become a legend, Avro Motor Cars has decided to join forces with Roush Technologies and give the supercar a one last limited production run of 10 cars.

Speeding by in vibrant Arancia Metallica (Italian Metallic Orange) with semi-matt black wheels, the Avro 720 Mirage GT has been calibrated to produce 720 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. Top speed has been increased 220mph. The power increase came from a supercharger, a Accufab throttle body and an inlet sleeve. Other equipment includes Accufab X pipe exhaust system with ceramic-coated tips a Mafia MAF sensor adaptor and a transmission breather catch tank. 

The Avro 720 Mirage GT’s body has also been modified to match the power boost with the front and rear track increased by 5mm than the standard car. The front brakes use AP Racing 6-pot front calipers with Stillen drilled and slotted rotors ““ and similar rotors are used also at the rear.  Suspension has been lowered by 25mm ““ and uprated to include KW”s Variant 3 fully adjustable coil-over system.

Avro 720 Mirage Ford GT:

Avro 720 Mirage Ford GT Avro 720 Mirage Ford GT 


Source: WorldCarFans

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