Maybach to bite the dust? Daimler may pull the plug

We almost forgot that Maybach still exists as an Uber-premium brand, but its future is certainly questionable. Maybach sold only 146 cars last year, or one-tenth the projected amount. 

The company, which sells only 2 versions of the same car in XL [57] and XXL [63] sizes, is not scheduled to get any new products anytime soon. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche argues that the Maybach brand shows that they can compete with the most pretigious of brands, Rolls Royce. Well, his definition of ‘compete’ must be slightly different than ours though.

In terms of profitability, it’s been said that the investment on Maybach was minimal as the car was based in part on the last generation S-class. Why they had to make that painfully obvious with the exterior styling, interior components and base-model S-class style wheels though, is a mystery.

Zetsche mentioned that the decision will be made in the next two years whether to expand the brand’s offerings or let it get deep-six’ed. 


Source: The Car Connection

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