Iraq Vet’s 2007 Mustang looks like a police car… and it’s legal

Iraq Vet's 2007 Mustang looks like a police car... and it's legal

In an effort to mimic the look of Barricade, the Saleen S281 Mustang-based police coupe from last summer’s Transformers, 35-year old disabled Iraqi War veteran, Jessie Vigil painted his 2007 Mustang black & white, put a light bar up top and wrote ‘POLICE’ on the side in order to amuse his 7-year old son.

Apparently, some people haven’t seen the movie and wanted to discourage him from doing this. However, there’s nothing in the law books to say he can’t do it as long as he doesn’t impersonate an officer. No comment from Optimus Prime regarding whether he will be charged with an intergalactic violation of impersonating a decepticon, though.

His car was detailed enough that he even echoed the ‘To punish and enslave’ from the movie car in place of the common ‘To protect and to serve’ found on many police cars. We wonder if Jessie has an order placed on a yellow 2009 Camaro.


Source: Detroit News
Photo: Fox

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