Michigan studying how plug-in hybrids will effect the electricity grid

While many think that plug-in hybrids will be our solution to our dependence on foreign oil, there is concern that a state’s electricity grid could be strained if plug-in hybrids become more popular.

Michigan Public Service Commission announced yesterday that it is launching a study to find out how much juice will be drained from the state’s electricity grid from plug-in hybrid vehicles. The program will use actually plug-in hybrid vehicles when they are available to analyze the effects on utility and on the regional electric system.

“This could radically alter what’s happening with the electric grid so it’s important take a look at this,” MPSC spokeswoman, Judy Palnau, told The Detroit News. “The success of plug-in hybrid vehicles is dependent on the deployment of intelligent grid technology.”

The study will also look for how plug-in hybrids can return power to the grid when not being driven.


Source: The Detroit News

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