Over 200+ cars involved in Abu Dhabi-Dubai accident

Over 200+ cars involved in Abu Dhabi-Dubai accident

At least six people are dead and hundreds injured after being involved in number of accidents on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway near Ghantoot. Over 200 cars were involved in the crash which was caused by heavy fog impairing driver vision.

Police were unable to dispatch any helicopters to the scene due to bad weather until 11:30am to help the injured.

“I could hardly see anything because of the fog. It was horrible. You could see 10m in front of you,” said Tahir S, who was involved in the first series of crashes.

“It was a disaster scene, everyone was speeding and after the first crash happened people just started hitting each other,” said Khamis I. Mohammad, of Abu Dhabi police.


Source: Gulfnews.com (via AutoBlog)

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