GM’s Wagoner doesn’t think global warming is ‘total crock of shit’

Late last month Lutz came under fire from the media after voicing his opinion on global warming calling it a “total crock of shit.” Today, CEO Rick Wagoner dispute Lutz’s comment at an hour-long breakfast meeting with reporters saying that he did not agree with him and his views.

“The comments weren’t coming out of our company,” Wagoner told reporters. “The data is pretty clear that the temperature on the earth is rising. There’s all sort of debates as to why but we’ve clearly come down on the side it makes sense for us to put our business in a position where we can participate proactively in reducing the amount of (carbon dioxide) emissions,”

Lutz defended his comment last month on GM’s FastLane saying: “My beliefs are mine and I have a right to them, just as you have a right to yours. But among my strongest beliefs is that my job is to do what makes the most business sense for GM.”

Source: Detroit News

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