No V12 TDI for the 2009 Porsche Cayenne diesel

As previously reported, Porsche will introduce a diesel-powered car by the middle of 2009. At that time we didn’t have any technical details besides that Porsche would offer a diesel variant for the Cayenne SUV taking the engine directly from Volkswagen in order to save it self some money on development cost.

Now it would be awesome to see the V12 TDI found in the new Q7 make its way under the hood of the Cayenne with its 500hp and massive amounts of torque, but we can keep dreaming. According to findings by the Detroit News, Porsche has decided to opt for the lighter 3.2 liter V6 diesel that will produce close to 300hp.

Guess Porsche would rather impress the environmentally concerned rather than the speed crazed Porsche traditionalists. Let’s hope some tuners will do some engine swapping after the diesel Cayenne hits the market.


Source: Detroit News

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