GM will have 16 hybrids by 2012, a hybrid every 4 months

GM will have 16 hybrids by 2012, a hybrid every 4 months

At the Geneva Motor Show last week, GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner told reporters that the automaker plans to offer at least 16 hybrids models by 2012. That means GM will pump out a hybrid from the production lines every 4 months. Power for all these hybrids will come from the two different versions of the two-model full-hybrid powertrain, one for rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive and the other for front-wheel-drive which will be launched in the Saturn Vue next year.

GM spokesman Brian Corbett said that the upcoming Chevrolet Volt is not included in the total. He said the GM doesn’t consider the Volt a hybrid but an electric car that uses a small gasoline engine to recharge the vehicle’s battery back.

Corbett also confirmed that the 16 hybrids would be launched in North America, Asia and possibly Europe. GM also introduced its new lithium-ion hybrid system last week in Geneva.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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