Toyota already working on post-lithium battery solution

Lithium-ion haven’t even made into mass production yet and Toyota is already planning the next-generation of battery technology. According to a report by Japan’s Nikkan Kogyo, the goal is to produce a battery that can run 50 miles on a single charge. Toyota hopes to integrate the battery in its cars by 2020.

While Toyota would not confirm the report, producing a next-generation batter is a part of its Global Vision 2020 long-term strategy. Details about the technology are still being kept secret; however Toyota hopes to keep its lead in the hybrid market by staying ahead of other automakers with developing energy storage solutions.

Air-zinc chemistry is one of the possibilities according to Nikkan Kogyo.

Toyota wants to have a hybrid in each of its model lineup by 2020. The company will create a new group dedicated to developing the technology in June. Toyota plans to have its first lithium-ion powered plug-in hybrid on the roads by 2010.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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