Mazda considering Mazda2 and diesel engines for the U.S.

We’ve always been disappointed with reports of Mazda not bringing the Mazda2 to the stateside. But now, a few words by Mazda’s North American president, Jim O’Sullivan, Mazda may be considering the Mazda2 for the North American market along with plans of selling diesel engines in the U.S. market for the first time.

“We”re not ready to make the announcement but obviously we sell diesels in Europe,” O”Sullivan said during a lunch with reporters in Detroit. “The Mazda 2 is extremely successful in Europe and Asia. We”re continuing to watch that space in North America.”

He said that Mazda is currently dedicated to finishing the launch of the CX-9 and the launch of the redesigned Mazda5 and the new Mazda6.

Mazda previously said that it did not choose to market the Mazda2 in the North American market due to the brand’s overall perspective. Mazda also felt that there would be no room for the Mazda2 in the U.S. since the Ford Fiesta, which is built on the same platform, will be making its debut in late 2009.


Source: TCC Blog

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