VW to revive ‘Lupo’ name with production Up!

According to sources close to Volkswagen, the German automaker is set to revive the Lupo name on the production models of the Up! and Space Up! concept vehicles. Ready to make their debut in 2011 the Up! lineup will replace the entry level Fox.

According to Inside Line, Volkswagen hinted at the revival of the Lupo name at the unveiling of the concepts at Frankfurt, Tokyo and LA auto shows with the middle two letters followed by an exclamation mark (if you’re really that slow, here’s a hint –  L UP! O).

The production Lupo will use a new rear-engine/rear-wheel-drive architecture that will reduce development cost.

Volkswagen did the same thing with the IROC coupe concept, naming the production model Scirocco, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week.


Source: WorldCarFans

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