Survey Says: Ford Mustang is the top preference for teens

Survey Says: Ford Mustang is the top preference for teens

A finding of a nationwide survey by TRU, a subsidiary of Research International USA, reveals that when you’re young and a teenager, fun takes a priority over function. In its latest survey, TRU asked the youth and the 20-something crowd what new care they would most like to buy. The top pick for the teens was the Ford Mustang, while the 20-something crowd said they would settle for something practical like the Honda Civic.

“Mustang pops up as No. 1 among teens because it’s a lot of fun and the parents usually pay the insurance and hand the kids their gasoline credit card,” said TRU spokesman Rob Callender. “Civic pops up among the older 20-somethings because they pay for their own insurance and gas, so function takes priority.”

Followed by the Mustang, the other most desired cars by teens followed in this order: Honda Civic , Honda Accord, Volkswagen Beetle, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Chevy Impala, Ford Focus, Ford F-150 pickup, Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Silverado pickup, VW Jetta and Nissan Maxima.

Maybe Ford should catering the Mustang towards teens and add a little something-something in the car for the youth.


Source: KickingTires

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