Hyundai working on next niche model to take on Toyota and GM

At the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, John Krafcik, Hyundai”s vice president of product development, discussed Hyundai’s next big idea. Before showing off the new Sonata and the i-Blue concept, Krafcik told the press about the automaker’s advanced product-development process called i2.

Pointing out that Hyundai already has the conventional market segments covered, Krafcik told AutoObserver that the automaker is now on its way to create a new market niche that doesn’t “follow any conventional segmentation” and “will have very pure environmental messages.”

The i2 program is staffed with a team that is cross-functional and represents design, marketing, sales and engineering and has a dedicated design and technical center in California.

AutoObserver believes that i2 will help Hyundai cover the market lost to Japanese and U.S. rivals going head-to-head with giants like Toyota and GM to produce hybrid-electric and diesel-powered models.


Source: AutoObserver

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