Lutz talks back after being under fire for calling global warming a ‘total crock of shit’

Our main man Bob Lutz is under fire again after telling reporters at a lunch in Texas that global warming was a “total crock of shit.” Lutz defended himself yesterday on GM’s FastLane Blog, saying: “My beliefs are mine and I have a right to them, just as you have a right to yours. But among my strongest beliefs is that my job is to do what makes the most business sense for GM.”

“My thoughts on what has or hasn”t been the cause of climate change have nothing to do with the decisions I make to advance the cause of General Motors,” wrote Lutz.

Lutz went on to say that GM is dedicated to doing the right thing and to the removal of cars and trucks from the heat they receive of being a burden on the environment. He pointed out that GM is working hard at taking the automotive industry out of the debate entirely by introducing E85, hybrids, hydrogen and fuel cell powered vehicles.

“As long as I am in this position at this company, GM will continue to take these initiatives and others that lessen, and eventually even eliminate, the environmental impact of the automobile. And that”s what people ought to be focusing on.”


Source: GM FastLane Blog

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