Ugur Sahin’s Corvette Z03 Concept to enter production

Corvette Z03 Concept

Ugur Sahin is really well known for his Ferrari Dino and his Audi Locus concept renderings. Now Ugur and his design firm have come up with the ‘Corvette Z03 Concept,’ a complete carbon fiber supercar based on the Corvette Z06. But this time Sahin isn’t only showing off pictures. The design firm is teaming up with former Corvette chief engineer Dave McLellan, Flybrid Systems, Modesi Design, Fischer Motorsports and Kirkham Motorsports to offer a production model later this year.

Performance wise, Ugur Sahin hopes to shave off 100 pounds and offer three engine variants ranging from 500 to 750 horsepower. Customizing the Corvette Z03 will be very exclusive and each customer will be able to choose personalized touches including custom mixed paint, upgraded interior treatments including gauges, dashboard, custom created Recaro seats and more.

Details and pricing for the car will be released in March and the first production models are set to be delivered in the U.S. market in late 2008.

Corvette Z03 Concept Gallery:

Corvette Z03 Concept  Corvette Z03 Concept  Corvette Z03 Concept  

Corvette Z03 Concept  Corvette Z03 Concept  Corvette Z03 Concept  Corvette Z03 Concept  Corvette Z03 Concept  



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