Microsoft to offer technology to other automakers

Microsoft to offer technology to other automakers

According to Martin Thall, general manager of Microsoft’s automotive business unit, Microsoft is planning to announce another deal with a major automaker to use its Microsoft Auto operating system by the end of 2008.

Currently, Microsoft has two deales worldwide including its Sync system with Ford, and its Blue&Me system with Fiat which was launched in 2006 before FoMoCo jumped on. Sync, which is now offered in 12 Ford, Lincoln, Mercury models, is the fastest growing technology in the industry. More than 30,000 customers opted for Sync last year when purchasing a new Ford car.

However, the exclusive rights to the Microsoft Auto operating system end in the U.S. later this year, and other automakers are already showing interest.

“Demand exceeds our ability to please everyone,” Thall said.

While Thall praised Ford for being a pioneer in adopting Microsoft’s auto technology, he said that the software giant is now looking to satisfy all the other automakers interested in its products.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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