Gemballa GT 4.0L RS gives the Cayman S more room to work with

Gemballa GT 4.0L RS

After showing us the 850 horsepower Avalanche GTR 800 EVO-R, based on the Porsche 911, Gemballa brings us their latest creation based on the Cayman S. The Gemballa GT 4.0L RS boosts the 3.4 liter to a 4.0 but Gemballa has not released any official numbers on the output.

However adding visual appeal to Cayman S, Gemballa gave the GT 4.0L RS  a new front lip spoiler, a rear lip spoiler, an exterior carbon fiber package, Racing 20″ Black Edition wheels, Racing braking system and upgrades to the interior with two-tone leather and Alcantara cockpit.

We’ll bring you the official output numbers as soon as Gemballa releases them.