Porsche recalls 5,900 2008 Cayenne SUVs

Update: Associated Press reports that the recall affects 18,856 Cayenne SUVs worldwide.

Porsche is recalling close to 5,900 2008 Cayenne SUVs with V6 engines due to a problem in the fuel line. The German auto maker said that the movement of the engine could cause the fuel line to rub against cladding in the engine.

The problem could leave marks on the fuel line and could cause a knocking sound. To fix the problem Porsche dealers will reroute the fuel line.

The recall affects about 5,573 Cayenne SUVs sold in the U.S. and about 392 in Canada. Porsche said the recall is for the 2008 model year Cayennes that were built through January 18.


Source: AutoWeek

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