Chrysler: Performance cars will survive

Chrysler: Performance cars will keep survive

While other auto makers are losing faith in high-performance cars, Chrysler believes that ‘gearheads’ will still look for fast vehicles, even if gas prices keep climbing and unconventional powertrains become mainstream.

“The performance-enthusiast market will continue to exist in some shape or form, and we will want to satisfy that customer base,” said Kipp Owen, vice president of Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology group.

Owen believes the definition of a performance vehicle may change. Instead of horsepower bragging rights, next decade “it (still) will be the 0-60 time and torque, (but) the generation of that torque may not be in traditional means.”

“It might be defined as how big is the electric motor at each wheel,” he said. “A lot will depend on the voice of the customer.”

Hmm, could we expect to see an electric powered Dodge Challenger?


Source: Autmomotive News (Subscription Required)

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