Arnett out, Val Kilmer to voice the KITT

Arnett out, Val Kilmer to voice the KITT

So you would think that with the release date of February 17th, the Knight Rider would already be completed and ready to air on NBC. Not at all.

It turns out that Arrested Development star and the first chosen voice of KITT, Will Arnett, has been axed from voicing the KITT due to his previous relationship with GMC. Someone at Ford was pretty uncomfortable with that since Ford will be sponsoring the whole shindig with their Mustang Shelby GT500 KR and called in for a replacement. Arnett’s replacement? Val Kilmer!

That’s right the 1995 Batman Forever star will be voicing over the new KITT in the short two-hour Knight Rider Movie that air’s on NBC on February 17th.


Source: Inside Line

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