Chrysler to trim products and dealers

Chrysler to trim products and dealers

Chrysler announced today that it is rolling out a new dealership consolidation plan along with a sharp reduction in its product lineup to allow more retailers to easily sell all three Chrysler brands under one roof. The company’s original consolidation strategy, Project Alpha, has been scratched for a new program called Project Genesis. Project Genesis will impact all parts of Chrysler’s business including future product planning, manufacturing and marketing.

“Genesis incorporates the whole company getting on the same alignment with the same overall strategy,” said Chrysler’s Jim Press in an interview. “The dealer network component is a piece of an overall plan.”

“To have the most profit and viability, you have to have all three brands under roof to get the full lineup of Chrysler Corp. everywhere,” Press said.

Dealers who attended meetings said that Chrysler will cut the number of duplicate models built on the same platform. Press said that Chrysler will also begin to offer new vehicles in segments where it doesn’t currently have one.

It has been previously rumored that Chrysler may be dropping the Dodge Viper in order to focus more on halo products.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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