Jaguar’s Future: The kitty will get naughtier

We already told you about Jag’s upcoming F-Type Porsche 911 competitor, but now there’s some word on a host of other possible Jag cars.

The new sexy XF could spawn everything from coupes to crossovers. A coupe is favored by accountants, engineers and dealers since it would be easy to produce from the XF sedan and based on competitors’ success would do well. It would use the same powertrains and interior as the sedan but with some level of distinctive styling to set itself apart. An XF-based crossover is less likely, as it would blur the lines that distinguish Jaguar from Land Rover, but would be easy to produce from the XF architecture. An XF wagon is even less likely. Surprisingly, an XF convertible is not favored because of the engineering expense involved compared with the modest sales gain.

The XK could see an even hotter version, currently mentioned as the XKR-R, that would be a low volume [300 units], high performance, high top speed [180 mph] version. An AMG-like brand could develop and spread to the rest of the lineup. Thankfully, there’s no chance of anything as ridiculous or silly as the G-class AMG. An XK-based sedan is perhaps the most interestly unnecessary car. Intended to compete with the CLS or perhaps the A6-based A7, it would join the ranks of sedan-coupes, but with the sleek, svelte XF, we hardly think that’s necessary. It would be the first coupe-based sedan-with-a-coupe-roofline. How about a RX-8 like suicide-door coupe instead?

Finally, the next-gen XJ sedan will continue the aluminum-bodied construction and promises to up the ante in ‘technical sophistication’, surpassing even Audi. Styling will not echo the XF, instead following its own direction. The short wheelbase model will fit real live humans this time and the eight-inch longer long wheelbased model will be a real limo, with styling that doesn’t just looked like a stretched version of the SWB model.


Source: AutoCar

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